Virtual Colloquium: Design in Times of Crisis

The research group is involved in the planning of this semester’s Design Research Colloquium of the design department of the Berlin University of the Arts. This semester, the Colloquium is taking place virtually. On a weekly basis, PhD candidates of the Design Research Lab, thinkers from the design research field and students will come together to reflect on „Design in Times of Crisis“:

We are currently in the state of crisis – staring every morning at the numbers of newly infected people around the globe, at the rising number of deaths, at the crash of the stock market and the economical prognosis of hard times lying ahead of us. The streets outside are empty, we spend hours in video conferences, lack social interaction with friends and family – and are exchanging manuals of how to build our own face masks or even lung ventilators. It will take some time for us to understand what is currently happening – and what the consequences will be on individual and societal level. Will we re-think globalization and the dependence of supply chains around the globe? Will we come to a new solidarity in Europe and beyond in times of crisis – focusing on common values and the grace of charity? Will we stop traveling for the sake of health – and climate? Will we ever shake hands again?

Due to the current situation, we are starting the first virtual semester at our university. Hence, we have to re-think our formats, the technology needed, the accessibility of the content and the interaction amongst us. We will take this opportunity to experiment and design something new – and reflect on the role of Design in Times of Crisis. Therefore, we want to invite great thinkers, scholars, designers and experts to reflect with us on the topic. How do you see the role of design, experiment and intervention in times of a global pandemic? How might we use design methods to cope with the crisis – for analysis, change, or disruption? What is your personal view – and your new daily routine?

23.04.2020 Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost: Design in Times of Crisis – an Introduction

30.04.2020 Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski: The Virus as a Phenomenon of Destabilisation and Subversion

07.05.2020 Jan Boelen

14.05.2020 Dr. Renata Avila

21.05.2020 Himmelfahrt

28.05.2020 Dr. Jennifer Schubert: By Design or by Desaster

04.06.2020 Fieke Jansen: Tech Determinism in Times of Crisis

11.06.2020 Katharina Moebus: Flatten the Curve, Grow the Common: no Return to Normal

18.6.2020 Dr. Stefan Ullrich: About Golems and Angels

25.06.2020 Calum Bowden, Steph Holl-Trieu, Joanna Pope: Collective Therapy „Game Show“

02.07.2020 Dr. Daniel Irrgang: Critical Zones – Climate Crisis as Cosmological Crisis

09.07.2020 Rashid Owoyele: Distribution versus Decentralization

16.07.2020 Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost

If you would like to take part in the Virtual Colloquium please send an email to e.knabe[at]udk-berlin[dot]de.