Change Agents: New Erasmus+ Project

Change Agents: New Erasmus+ Project

Germany, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Israel, Hungary

The key horizontal priority of the “Change Agents” project is “Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education”. The project objective is to create lasting infrastructures of collaboration and to build solid bridges between different key social agents and institutional settings (higher education institutions with NGO sector) in order to help developing more sustainable practices, social sustainability by articulating epistemic tools that encourage socially conscious approaches and attitudes on the field of design. The Change Agents project aims to understand and improve innovative practices at the intersection between HEIs and other sector organisations in order to develop pilot cooperation strategies that later can be potentially embedded into educational modules. The Change Agents project wishes to bring the academic sector and the NGO ecosystem closer to one another and generate deeper understanding between these important stakeholders, allowing us to advance a more collaborative, inclusive and participatory practice of design, while recognizing the already existing knowledge of activists and various stakeholders.

Partners: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) (Lead), Berlin University of the Arts, EKA Estonia, Unibz Italy, Elisava Spain, Shenkar Israel.


activism and design, Design education, Social Design