Futura Trōpica

Futura Trōpica

The project Futura Trōpica will explore and test the possibilities of an InterTropical Network in contexts of vulnerability and Internet blackouts in combination with Magical Hackerism dynamics. Sarah Grant and Juan Pablo García Sossa will develop a repository for Networking Tools and Interfaces intersecting with already present dynamics of reappropriation of technologies and information flows in the tropics.

| Futura Trōpica | is an intertropical decentralized network of grassroot local networks for lateral exchange of local resources and other forms of Knowledges, Designs and Technologies. It plays with the narrative of the Wood Wide Web and the way trees are interconnected, communicate to each other and redistribute nutrients with the help of fungi as mycellium.

Research Fellow Sarah Grant will be providing Technological Infrastructure Development to the projects. With a focus on radioart and networked media, Sarah Grant researches and develops open source software, artworks as educational tools, and workshops that demystify computer networking technology.

As a affiliated artist, Juan Pablo García Sossa will be providing Conceptual and Discursive Development to the projects. Juan Pablo García Sossa (*Bogotá, COL) is a Designer, Researcher and Artist fascinated by the clash between emerging technologies and popular culture in tropical territories. His practice developed between Berlin and Bogotá explores the development of cultures, visions, realities and worlds through the remix and reappropriation of technologies from the tropics (as a Region and a Mindset).

Tags: design research