Krise To Go #2


KRISE TO GO – observations and challenges during the covid19 pandemic by the research group 8 inequality and digital sovereignty

Hello? Can somebody please give me a hug? 

When will it finally feel safe again to hug without worriedly stretching our necks to the side to avoid the (possibly contagious) breath of the other – just to be on the safe side? When will or could we ever kiss a stranger again, sweat together on the dance floor or share an ice cream scoop?

– You think you have not felt affected so far? Of course not…

Some additional sources we found to be informative and important regarding the issue #getting sentimental:

In We Must Work Hard to Resist a Fear of Other People’s Bodies (2020, May 12), the authors point out why it is important to remember the meaning of physical touch, intimacy and connection to build community, practise resistance, heal from trauma and escape oppression.

In COVID-19 has turned cities’ greatest assets into disadvantages (2020, May 13), Rune Dahl Fitjar discusses how the pandemic outbreak has radically changed our conception of urban space, of density and connectedness and how (un)likely it can contribute to a less global, less urban and ultimately less prosperous world.

In the podcast episode Covid-19: the psychology of physical distancing (2020, June 9) of The Guardians Science Weekly, Nicola Davis speaks to Prof John Drury about the psychology of physical distancing and why we like to be near those we feel emotionally close with.


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